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Tooth Colored Fillings

Margaret Culotta-Norton, DDS, PC

Comprehensive and Cosmetic Dentistry located in Washington, DC

Your smile has qualities that are both functional and aesthetic, so it follows that good dentistry should keep it as healthy as it is beautiful. At Margaret Culotta-Norton, DDS, PC, in Washington DC, Dr. Culotta-Norton, offers strong and stunning smiles to their patients with high-quality, tooth-colored fillings. To learn more about how the team at Margaret Culotta-Norton, DDS, PC, can treat your cavities without affecting the appearance of your smile, schedule a visit today by calling the office or booking online.

Tooth Colored Fillings

What’s a filling?

A filling is a dental procedure that treats a hole in your tooth by filling it and sealing it off. Fillings are most frequently performed in order to treat cavities caused by tooth decay, one of the most common dental conditions.

What are tooth-colored fillings made from?

Fillings used to be made primarily from silver or gold. While these substances are strong and reliable, they don’t blend in with the color of your tooth enamel, and are therefore not aesthetically pleasing in your smile. 

Margaret Culotta-Norton, DDS, PC, provides their patients with tooth-colored materials like composite resin and porcelain for fillings.

Composite resin and porcelain keep your tooth healthy by sealing up holes caused by cavities and preventing further decay. They also blend in with the color of your natural tooth enamel, ensuring that your smile remains cosmetically unblemished. 

Silver and gold fillings also require the removal of much more of your natural tooth structure than a tooth-colored filling does, meaning your tooth-colored filling enables your dentist to leave more of your natural smile untouched.

Do I need a filling?

Some of the signs that you might need a filling include:

  • Spontaneous pain in your tooth
  • Increased sensitivity in your tooth
  • Bad breath
  • Pain when eating or drinking something hold, cold, or sweet
  • Noticeable holes in your teeth’s surface

Schedule an appointment with Margaret Culotta-Norton, DDS, PC if you’re experiencing any of these symptoms. The dental team can perform a more thorough inspection to determine if you have tooth decay that needs to be filled.

What’s the process for getting a tooth-colored filling?

When you come in for a filling, your dentist first numbs your tooth and the surrounding tissue with a local anesthetic. 

Once you’re numb, they use a high-powered drill to remove all of your decay. Next, the team cleans and sterilizes your mouth to ensure that it’s free of bacteria, and fills in your cavity with a tooth-colored filling material. 

Finally, your provider shines a special curing light on the filling to accelerate the hardening process. 

To learn more about how Margaret Culotta-Norton, DDS, PC can improve your smile with a tooth-colored filling, schedule a consultation today by calling the office or booking online.